Founding FELLOWS of the Chattanooga Bar Foundation

Chattanooga Bar Foundation

The Chattanooga Bar Foundation, a Tennessee non-profit Corporation, is the charitable andeducational arm of the Chattanooga Bar Association through which the Bar supportsworthwhile charities and participates in community service, outreach programs, and educational projects.  The Foundation was incorporated in 1989 and is a qualified charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service. 

        The funding of this Foundation comes from the Fellows.  The Chattanooga Bar Foundation's Fellows Program ispatterned after similar programs of the American Bar Association and the Tennessee Bar Association.  The number of lawyers eligible to be elected as fellows is limited.  

To be honored as a Fellow, a lawyer must be a member of the Chattanooga Bar Association, must be at least 35 years of age and must be licensed and practicinglaw for at least 10 years.  Only lawyers who are judged to have outstanding records of service to the bar and to the community are so honored. 

In 1989, nine original Fellows were selected.  They are:

              T. Maxfield (Max) Bahner 
                              Charles J. Gearhiser  *
                       Paul R. Leitner 

                              Raymond R. Murphy, Jr. *
                              Selma Cash Paty

                              John C. Stophel*

                              Gerald Summers

                              Robert Kirk Walker*

                              Raymond B. Witt, Jr. *

Chattanooga Bar Foundation Fellows 

Honorable W. Marie Williams
Foundation Fellows Chairwoman

Executive Committee of the FELLOWS
Lane C. Avery
Allen L. McCallie
John R. Morgan
Michael N. St. Chatles
Arnold A. Stulce

FELLOWS of the Chattanooga Bar Association
William P. Aiken, Jr.

S. Lee Akers

Craig R. Allen

Michael K. Alston

Fielding Atchley

Honorable Jeffrey M. Atherton

Lane C. Avery

T. Maxfield Bahner

Bruce C. Bailey
Honorable Suzanne Bailey 

Josiah Baker

Honorable William Muecke Barker

Honorable Stephen M. Bevil*

Honorable Jacqueline M. Schulten Bolton

Arthur P. Brock

Scott N. Brown, Jr.

Honorable W. Frank Brown, III

William G. Brown*

Honorable William L. Brown

Harry F. Burnette

Thomas A. Caldwell

Douglas M. Campbell, Sr.

Paul Campbell, III

Paul Campbell, Jr.*

William C. Carriger

Honorable William B.M. Carter

Harry Cash
Larry Cash

Alan L. Cates

Jac Chambliss*

Honorable Curtis L. Collier
William G. Colvin 

Gary Allan Cooper
William H. Cox, III
William Crutchfield, Jr.*
Lee Davis
Roger W. Dickson
C. Richard Dietzen*
J. William Dietzen
Charles W. Dooley
C. Douglas Dooley 
Whitney Durand
Marcia J. Eason
Sam D. Elliott
Honorable Hershel P. Franks
John P. Gaither *
Charles J. Gearhiser *
Gary D. Gerbitz

William E. Godbold
Richard B. Gossett
H. Wayne Grant 

Stephen T. Greer

Arthur C. Grisham, Jr.

Shelby Grubbs

James M. Haley, IV

Cynthia D. Hall

Thomas A. Harris

Carl E. Hartley

Thomas O. Helton

Honorable John M. Higgason, Jr.

Rosemarie L. Hill

H. James Hitching*

Honorable W. Jeffrey Hollingsworth

William H. Horton

J. Nelson Irvine

E. Stephen Jett

Thomas S. Kale

Honorable Ralph H. Kelley*
Hugh F. Kendall
Richard C. Kennedy*
David B. Kesler

Lowery F. Kline
Jennifer H. Lawrence 
Phillip C. Lawrence

Honorable Susan K. Lee

Paul R. Leitner

Andy D. Lewis

Robert L. Lockaby, Jr.

Ira M. Long, Jr.

G. Michael Luhowiak

H. Richard Marcus

Honorable Harry S. Mattice, Jr.

Allen L. McCallie

Honorable John W. McClarty

William S. McGinness, Jr.

Michael A. McMahan

Robin L. Miller

 Fred Moore

Hugh J. Moore

John R. Morgan

Raymond R. Murphy, Jr.*

Gary S. Napolitan

Phillip A. Noblett

David W. Noblit

Harold L. North, Jr.
Linda J. Norwood 

Tom H. O'Neal

Selma Cash Paty

Honorable Samuel H. Payne

Honorable Howell N. Peoples
Dana B. Perry 

R. Wayne Peters

John B. Phillips

William H. Pickering

Donna Pierce

Frank P. Pinchak

Honorable Don W. Poole

Dudley Porter, Jr.*

Glenna Ramer

Fred Rebman*

Honorable Arvin H. Reingold
John Tate Rice

Susan E. Rich

James D. Robinson*

Honorable Shelley Rucker

Harold A. Schwartz, Jr.

Albert W. Secor
Honorable Christie M. Sell 

Virginia Anne Sharber

Honorable Clarence Shattuck

Ralph Shumacker*

Carlos C. Smith

Michael N. St.Charles

W. Lloyd Stanley

Honorable Barry A. Steelman

Honorable Rebecca J. Stern

Glenn C. Stophel

John C. Stophel*

Arnold A. Stulce

Gerald Summers

Honorable Robert M. Summitt

Rheubin M. Taylor

William L. Taylor, Jr.*

Honorable W. Neil Thomas III

Herbert A. Thornbury

W. Ferber Tracy
Richard C. Wagner 

Robert Kirk Walker*

W. Bradley Weeks

Flossie Weill

Philip B. Whitaker, Sr.

Joseph R. White

Honorable L. Marie Williams

Silas Williams, Jr.*

Thomas A. Williams

W. Randall Wilson

Raymond B. Witt, Jr.*

Carol Lynch Worthingon

* Deceased




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