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Legal Placement Service

Policies & Procedures

I.          Purpose
The purpose of the CBA Legal Placement Service hereinafter referred to as CLPS will be to provide member lawyers or firms with candidates to fill support staff and attorney positions at a substantial savings in time, effort and fees.  Larger firms, companies, and government entities who need support staff and attorney positions will also benefit from substantial savings and time.

II.         Administration
CLPS will be administered by the Administrative Assistant of The Chattanooga Bar Association under the direction of the Executive Director.

III.        Plan of Organization 
                        3.1        CLPS will maintain position announcements on file for a period of sixty (60) days, or until otherwise notified that the position has been filled.  Firm resumes or any other information concerning employment opportunities within a particular firm may also be submitted to CLPS for review by the applicants. 
                        3.2        Attorneys and support staff (paralegal, legal secretary, bookkeeper, receptionist, office managers, law clerks, etc.) who are seeking employment in the Chattanooga legal community may submit their resumes directly to CLPS.  These applicants will be required to complete a general information questionnaire in order to participate.  Also, each applicant will pay a $ 20.00 application fee due and payable when employment is secured.  The Chattanooga Bar Association member applicants will pay a $ 10.00 application fee due and payable when employment is secured. 
                       3.3        CLPS will accept ten (10) resumes from each candidate and maintain their name in the database for six months.  Copies of the resume would be forwarded to employers listing appropriate positions.  If an applicant does not want certain firms or lawyers to be contacted, this information should be provided to CLPS on the application form.
                        3.4        Employers seeking employees who desire to list a position announcement with CLPS will be charged a fee of $ 25.00 per position.  CLPS will then include the position vacancy in the data base, refer appropriate resumes generally within three (3) days and continue referrals for up to sixty (60) days, or until the position is filled. 
                        3.5        Once a candidate referred by Legal Placement is hired, the employer will pay  $ 200.00 as a non - refundable placement fee for support staff positions and $ 300.00 for attorney positions. 
                        3.6        Payment of the placement fee is due and payable on or before thirty (30) days from the date of the invoice for services rendered by CLPS to the employer. 
                        3.7        All information provided by CLPS to the employer shall be deemed confidential information and the employer, its employees, agents, and representatives shall use such information solely in considering the qualifications of an applicant or employment and for no other purpose.  Such information shall not be communicated to any party other than agents or employees of the employer or CLPS.

IV.     General 
                        4.1        In the event the employer is held by any court of competent jurisdiction to be in violation, breach, or non-performance of any of the agreement, employer shall pay all costs of such action or suit and all costs and expenses of CLPS, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred in bringing or defending such suit or action. 
                        4.2        It is understood and agreed that CLPS has not undertaken a background investigation nor does is warrant the accuracy of the information supplied by the applicant.

These Policies & Procedures were approved by The Board of Governors of The Chattanooga Bar Association on December 9, 1992 


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