Albert L. Hodge Volunteer Award

Albert L. Hodge Volunteer Award 

This award was established in 1997 to honor the long-standing career of Albert L. Hodge. 

 This award is given to an attorney with exemplary volunteer service to the Chattanooga Bar Association and the legal community.  The Albert L. Hodge Volunteer Award recipients are:

            1997   Ann Gaines Darlington

            1998   Patricia Best Vital 
            1999   Tonya K. Cammon 
            2000   Valerie W. Epstein 
            2001   Sandra K. McCrea 
            2002   Arthur C. Grisham, Jr. 
            2003   Jeffrey D. Boehm 
            2004   Steven M. Jacoway 
            2005   Harry Weill 
            2006   William L. Hannah

            2007   Patricia Best Vital
            2008   Michael N. St. Charles 

            2009   Hal F. S. Clements 
            2010   Sheri Fox

            2011   Cathy Allshouse

            2012   Barry L. Abbott

            2013   B. Paul Hatcher  




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