Harry Weill Zealous Practice of Law Award



                                     Harry Weill Zealous Practice of Law Award

The Harry Weill Zealous Practice of Law Award  is presented annually to a  member of the bar whose energetic and enthusiastic service to clients  is worthy of praise, and whose polite and dignified manner, even in the most contentious situations, provides a model of civility that is worthy of emulation. 
The First recipient of this award is Paul Campbell, Jr. 



This March 6, 2006, service of the Chattanooga Bar Association Memorial Service is dedicated to the memory of Harry L. Weill, who was for some 18 years the Chair of the Bar Association's Memorial Committee until his death June 23, 2005.  

            Harry was active all of his life.  His last ski trip to Europe was February 12-20, 2005. While in Europe he held court at his annual "jack", wine and cheese party. On this trip there was so much snow and zero visibility that he went off into the drifts and had to be twice dug out!  

His last jury trial began April 28, 2005, and, as does the heart good for any trial lawyer, the jury came back on the second day with a very pleasing verdict.  He was, as they say, always  swinging for the wall, and that one went out of the ballpark! 

Harry Weill began serving as Chair of this committee in 1988.  Through the ensuing years, Harry diligently oversaw the drafting and presentation of memorial resolutions for 120 of our brother and sister lawyers who had passed away.  He did so with the same grace and respect as he conducted relationships among the bench and bar all of his life. 

One of the principal goals of the Memorial Service is to remind lawyers about the many different ways we each contribute to our beloved profession and to our community, and to create a written history of the lives of those who have departed. 

The Chattanooga Bar Association also wishes through these memorials to convey to the families of the deceased how very much their loved ones are respected for their hard work and good deeds and to acknowledge the sacrifices that they too may have had to make because of the demands of this profession. Harry Weill has gone to his final rest, but the example he set for guarding the rich tradition of the Chattanooga Bar through these Memorial Services will remain a shining part of his legacy. 


2006  Paul Campbell, Jr.

2007  Selma Cash Paty

2008  G. Michael Luhowiak

2009  T. Maxfield (Max) Bahner

2010  Alan L. Cates

2011  Paul R. Leitner

2012  Honorable W. Frank Brown, III

2013  William P. Aiken, Jr.



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