When You Become 18 in Tennessee

 This booklet "When You Become 18" has been prepared for you by the CBA Auxiliary to make you aware of your rights and responsibilities as useful contributors to society. The booklet contains chapters on subjects such as voting, jury duty, marriage, divorce, child support and date rape, consumer protection, contract obligations and establishing credit.

The Auxiliary would like to thank Renee MacCoon and Missy Elliott for all their hard work in the publication and distribution of this latest edition (May 2008).

A special "thank you" to the following attorneys and firms who supported the Auxiliary and this wonderful booklet which is given to ALL seniors in the Hamilton County area.

Pamela B. Bracher
Scott N. Brown, Jr.
Thomas A. Caldwell
Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel
Robert & Ann Dann
Steve Dobson
Gearhiser, Peters, Lockaby, Cavett & Elliott
Shelby & Lynne Grubbs, In Honor of Flo Summitt
Ginger Kachline
Allison Ulin Lynch
John & Renee MacCoon
McKoon, Williams & Haun
Miller & Martin
Selma Cash Paty
Virginia Anne and Hugh Sharber
Spears, Moore, Rebman & Williams
Robert M. Summitt
Thornbury & Morgan
UnumProvident - matching Gift
Patricia Best Vital
Wilson & Caroline Von Kesler

If you would like to make a donation to help in future publications of "When You Become 18",
send all donations to:

Attn: "When You Become 18" Booklet
P. O. Box 4225
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Make all checks payable to the CBA AUXILIARY


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