P.A.T.H. to Sessions Court

We Need YOU for P.A.T.H. To Sessions!

P.A.T.H. to General Sessions Court
Partnering with Attorneys To Help

The time commitment is small only 90 minutes.
You will find it rewarding.


P.A.T.H. is a community service project of the Chattanooga Bar Association which was initiated in May 2011, in cooperation with Southeast Tennessee Legal Services.  Our volunteers are available outside the doors of the General Sessions courtroom at the Monday, 11 a.m. docket to answer questions about rules and procedures of General Sessions Court.  The giving of legal advice is outside the scope of the program.  Examples of topics on which information is available include:

         What to expect when the docket is called;

         How to behave in court;

         How to find and retain a lawyer;

         How Garnishments work;

         How Slow Pay Motions work;

         The right to have your case heard by a judge;

         How to subpoena witnesses to trial;

         The right to appeal to Circuit Court;

         How to have a case continued; and,

         General practice and procedure in General Sessions Court.

P.A.T.H. To SESSIONS is held EVERY Monday from 10:45 12:00 noon.
Please schedule your date by signing up HERE.

What CBA Members are saying about their experience with P.A.T.H. To Sessions:
I found volunteering for P.A.T.H. enlightening and rewarding.  The pro se defendants were uniformly scared and unaware of what took place at the Monday 11:00 a.m. call, and they were relieved to learn that they had the opportunity to speak with the attorney for the plaintiff to attempt to settle their matter and that, in the event of no settlement, that they had the right to obtain a court date and have a trial.       Robin Miller, Gearhiser, Peters, Cavett, Elliott & Cannon



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